The video stories below are examples produced by Dharma Eye Media Video Productions.

Video to showcase new reflective walking gear by Empower Fitness. Tag line – Fashionable by day, reflective by night.

Dharma Eye Media created this video showcasing the women of Amelia Island who are addicted to an intense workout called CrossFit. This training was originally created for special forces and has made its way into the commercial world of exercise. This video promo was made for a very cool gym that is known for champion weightlifters and healthy like-minded people.


Promotional video about an innovative hydroponic growing system.

Smithsonian Promotion. Slacker Gallery has the first ever art history of Yogis from the past two thousand years.

Rock of Hope is home for the homeless. Micro-documentary on nonprofit.

Is there a difference between Alzheimers and Dementia? Documentary on the conditions.

Katie died in a car accident and her organs saved a few lives. Video about this ride is to raise awareness about organ donation.

Segregation, discrimination, African Americans teachers in Arkansas have become leaders of education. Documentary on the history of African Americans in Arkansas.

Conserves and sustains some of the earth’s rarest wild animals through innovative training, research, education, breeding and field programs that contribute to the survival of wildlife in nature.

Micro-documentary about Passing on the Gift for Heifer International.

Freedom Safari – life, liberty and justice for animals in the wild. Educational story about conservation.

Public Service Announcement thanking the Humane Society for all their good work.

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